Research and Development

R&D is an important pillar of Kingtai sustainable development. The company has now established a technological innovation system with enterprise innovation and development as the main body and a combination of production, education and research.

Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Kingtai strictly implements the corresponding product standards formulated by the country, industry and enterprises, and has formulated a series of strict quality control systems to ensure product quality compliance and stability to meet diversified market demands.

Registration Support

Kingtai has a professional registration team to provide customers with all-round registration support services. And every year, the selected products prepare GLP report data to provide strong data support for customers to register in the local market.


As a chemical company, Kingtai Chemicals Co., Ltd. knows that HSE is the foundation and premise of the company's healthy and stable development. Over the years, Kingtai has made continuous efforts in health, safety and environmental protection from various perspectives.